Josie Harris Forgives Floyd Mayweather for Domestic Violence, ‘Sh** Happens’

Some may argue that time heals all wounds, even alleged physical ones. Such is the case for Floyd Mayweather, Jr and his ex-girlfriend/baby mama, Josie Harris. Back in 2010, Josie Harris (the mother of Floyd’s three children) and Floyd were involved in highly public domestic violence dispute. Joseline alleged that Floyd hit her

“multiple times in the head with his fist”

and then threatening to kill her, while their children were present. Ultimately, Floyd pled guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence and served two months in jail. And since his release, Josie says that she forgives Floyd and the two have since moved on. She explained to TMZ:

“S**t happens. I’m not mad at him at all … I love Floyd to death. [Floyd] loves his kids and is a great father. He would never do anything like that again … I’m sorry the situation happened … now we will just progress and start over and move forward together.”

What do you think? Should she have forgiven Floyd? Or was that absolutely necessary to raise their children? P.S. We’re not tryna be messy, but a few months ago, didn’t we catch up discussing how unfulfilled Floyd was during intimacy?