EXCLUSIVE: Jay-Z To Ex-Business Partner – You’re Only Suing Me Because I’m Famous!

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EXCLUSIVE: Jay-Z To Ex-Business Partner - You're Only Suing Me Because I'm Famous!

Jay-Z To Ex-Business Partner – You’re Only Suing Me Because I’m Famous!

theJasmineBRAND exclusively reports, Jay-Z is claiming that his ex-business partner has only added his name to a massive lawsuit to generate publicity. Here’s the backstory: Last year, Iconix Brand Group sued Roc Nation and Jay-Z over a $204 million business deal. Iconix purchased certain intellectual properties from Jay-Zs company back in 2007 for $204 million. The lawsuit accused Roc Nation of deliberately undermining a series of agreements after receiving millions in compensation. Specifically, they claim Jay-Z’s company continued to use and exploit the Roc properties it sold to Iconix.

EXCLUSIVE: Jay-Z To Ex-Business Partner - You're Only Suing Me Because I'm Famous!

Iconix purchased the right to use the name “Roc” in certain areas, but complained that Jay’s companies were still using the “Roc” name with his Roc Nation label. Iconix had specifically purchased the rights to exploit the “Rocawear” name.

Roc Nation counter-sued Iconix, claiming the deal was only for “Rocawear” and didn’t grant them all rights to anything “Roc” including Roc Nation. The music mogul pointed out Roc Nation wasn’t even formed when the 2007 deal was signed.

EXCLUSIVE: Jay-Z To Ex-Business Partner - You're Only Suing Me Because I'm Famous!

Here’s the latest: On March 5, Jay-Z headed to court, accusing them of adding his name to the lawsuit due to his celebrity status. Jay-Z’s legal team stated in court documents,

Plaintiffs bring these claims solely on the basis of Carter’s association with the Roc Defendants. They no doubt also do so because he is famous. For all his celebrity wattage, Carter does not belong in this case. 

The rapper and music mogul says the lawsuit doesn’t have any evidence he personally benefited from the alleged deal, therefore he should not be a defendant in the case.

Further, he claims they have provided no proof showing he acted for his own gain, and with malice, fraud or illegality. Jay-Z says he has the right to use “Roc” for whatever he wants as long as it doesn’t interfere with the 2007 deal. He is demanding the entire lawsuit against him be dismissed.

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  • Jamie

    Do you notice that the ones that are billionaires got their from cheating others. Look at Diddy; how many artist did his finesse to be on the list and Jay Z. Jay Z would take songs from young artist for literal pennies on the dollar. Not to mention beyonce is the only reason he is able to move in the current circles he is moving in now.

    • The Invisibles

      Why talk about cheating Billionairs and only mention 2 BLACK MEN?

      Their are literally thousands of white billionaires, but you focus on lies fed to u about BLACK PEOPLE.

      Show some receipts next time.

      Some times I wish Black never had internet access… lol… because the stupidity you spread about your own people would make the KKK proud.


      • Jamie

        You know lets have a conversation without throwing insults. is that possible. If white people jump off a cliff, blacks should too huh? The reason i mentioned these two black men was because these are the same men that speak about black excellence and we need to do for our people. So is doing for our people finessing them? The double standard is real. The point is only poor people think of color but when it comes down to it, it is socio-economics and they use things like racism and all these other isms to divide us to keep us from getting on their level. Cause at the end of the day these black people who are rich only think of themselves and family. They only do stuff for key photo ops and to rile up people but thats where it stops.

        • The Invisibles

          Your ignorance is profound but it masquerades as deep thoughts to you.

          Using that tired ” If white people do this…” nonsense flies if you believe that being a black millionaire isn’t equal to being any other millionaire.
          Holding Blacks to the different standard then u would any other human is a set up.

          The double standard is set up by those who want you to fail. And you sound like you looking for failure.

          Saying “rich people’ as if they’re a race upon themselves makes no sense.
          Every rich person didn’t come from the same socio economic background or achieve their fortune the same way, therefore how they navigate the world isn’t patterned.

          Saying only “poor people think of color” is not only the most egregiously stupid statement I’ve ever read, is almost retarded.
          Its rich whites who keep Blacks down. History, if read correctly, doesn’t lie.

          Systemic /systematic racism cost money.
          Poor people, by definition, don’t have money.

          You talk like you don’t want to be successful and enjoy all the accolades that come with it. Because Blacks don’t deserve to be rich and all.

          Hope your kids are never successfully rich. They might disappoint you.

          Thinking about only ones self isn’t a rich Black problem. White , Yellow and Brown people do it too.
          And repeating that tired racist trope of Jay-Z, Diddy, Oprah, Bill Cosby or whatever Black success you can type in, is letting the race down should be reason enough to root for their continued success.

          “Fuck Tidal! Even though its just as good as every other streaming service, I’d rather watch a white man get rich off of me. Who needs example of Black people being successful in a white dominated field ”

          ‘Bad Boy robbed them. Those who don’t read a contract and think their boss is there to make them rich aren’t stupid at all. I’m gonna let a white man robbed me and not kill him. That’s gangsta”

          “Fuck Oprah. Something, something.Yada Yada… illuminati”

          Don’t bother writing back.
          If I wanted to hear from someone like you, I’ll watch a youtube video about black secret society.


  • Coco Mcluvin

    So are they saying Jay has not legal rights to the use of the “Roc” names? Because we only know them, including Roc Nation mostly because of him. Jay and The Roc are synonymous!