Is Lil Wayne Single Again? Rumor Has It, Him & Dhea Are OVER

Rumor has it that Lil Wayne is officially single…again. Word on the street is that Tunechi and his girlfriend Dhea, who have been dating for over a year, may be over. What triggered the rumored break-up? Apparently, a sexy photo shoot that Dhea did (for a men’s magazine), along with the fact that she joined twitter.

The story goes that Lil Wayne doesn’t want a girlfriend (or fiance, they allegedly became engaged on Valentine’s Day, but it’s never been confirmed by either party) that’s interested in fame or any unnecessary attention. A few weeks ago, we think he alluded to this on twitter:

Only time will tell if the rumor is true. In the meantime, if this rumor is true, is this enough for a break-up?