Ananda Lewis Returns To Television With New Crossover TLC & HGTV Show

Ananda Lewis Returns To Television With New Crossover TLC & HGTV Show

Ananda Lewis spent most of her early life as a TV icon, hosting popular shows such as  BET’s “Teen Summit” and MTV’s “TRL”. She even went on to host her very own talk show, “The Ananda Lewis Show.” However, the pressures that came with the talk show caused her to take a break from television. That break lasted over a decade.

After Ananda Lewis stepped away from television, she was inspired by the strong women in her family to study carpentry. She enrolled Los Angeles Trade Technical College where she graduated with a 4.0 with an Associate in Science degree. She now specializes in renovations, painting, and because she couldn’t stay away from television too long — she’s back with a new HGTV television show.

Ananda recently announced that she will be hosting the return of “While You Were Out”. In an announcement video, she reveals that HGTV is teaming up with TLC to bring back “While You Were Out” in 2019 and she will serve as the show’s host.


So happy to FINALLY be able to share this with you! ?????? This is what the #rv was about? #tlc#hgtv #whileyouwereout #grateful. I’ll be hosting mainly but also getting my carpentry and sewing on when needed!? Making my Grandma proud using all she taught me.

On the new, ultimate While You Were Out, designers and carpenters from both TLC and HGTV will have a $10,000 budget to re-design a room in neighboring homes. The show will air on both TLC and HGTV.


Authored by: Eleven8