Beyonce Gets Poetic In Her Response to Frank Ocean’s Announcement

Beyonce, has voiced her support of Frank Ocean’s (born Christopher “Lonny” Breaux) recent announcement about his sexuality. Instead of releasing a statement, or penning an open letter (as she’s done in the past), she shared a photo of Frank Ocean, with the words:

Be Fearless

Be Honest

Be Generous

Be Brave

Be Poetic

Be Open

Be Free

Be Yourself

Be In Love

Be Happy

Be Inspiration

scribbled across an image of him on her web site. Beyonce first collaborated with Ocean, when they worked together on her album, ‘4’. And in general, artists have been pretty supportive of the 24-year-old singer/songwriter’s braveness in discussing his private life. Click here to listen to Ocean’s most recent song “Sweet Life“.