Dawn Richard, “Puff said I wasn’t going any further with Dirty Money….”

From Vibe Vixen

Fans and critics have watched Dawn Richard transform seemingly into several different facets of herself. From her inorganically matched stint with platinum-selling girl group Danity Kane to her exploration of eclectic sounds with Diddy-Dirty Money, the 28-year-oldArmor On singer has now emerged as an independent artist. With that choice, obviously, comes controversy and unwarranted backlash. But while many artists may struggle to find their solo niche among a sea of sound, Dawn confidently knows who she is and has been the same all along.

“Me and Dirty Money, me and Danity Kane, it’s all the same person,” she tells me. “Puff said I wasn’t going any further with Dirty Money, so I chose to keep writing my own story.”

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