Ice Cube Confirms “Last Friday” Movie, Says Chris Tucker Will Be In Film

For a while, there have been rumors about 42-year-old rapper/writer/producer, Ice Cube, putting his 1995 “Friday” movie series to rest with a final film. In an interview with MTV, Ice Cube (real name O’Shea Jackson) finally confirmed the rumor. He announced that he is currently finishing up the writing for the final movie, which is titled “Last Friday.” He also confessed that he had trouble getting Chris Tucker to be in the new movie (Tucker played Smokey in the previous films). Apparently Tucker has gotten all holy on us and feels that playing a pot-smoker is against his religion. But Ice Cube seems to have worked his magic and gotten Tucker to agree to act in this last installment of the series. Of the movie, Ice Cube said,

“I’m still writing [the screenplay]. I’m still in the process, I’m deep into it… [The title is] Last Friday. I want [Chris Tucker] to be in it. He’s given us every indication that he’s gonna be in it. Until he shows up on set, you never know. That’s really how it goes. I’m almost finished with the script, so as soon as we can finish the script, fast motion on it.”

As if “Last Friday” isn’t enough, Ice also mentioned the biopic and the album that he’s working on. The biopic is to be about N.W.A, the Hip Hop rap group from Compton that was most popular in the late 80s and early 90s. Ice Cube was a part of the group, along with Eazy E, Dr. Dre, and a few other young rappers. Of this film, Ice Cube said,

“The script is getting tighter and tighter, and once the script is tight as sweaty butt cheeks, we’ll put it out, and we’ll start working on it.”

The album that Ice Cube is working on will be his first since 2010. The project is not yet officially titled, but  the rapper is leaning towards naming it “Everything’s Corrupt.”  he told MTV that we can expect,

“Hardcore, West Coast hip-hop”

from the album.

Ice Cube obviously has a lot going on. Which of his projects are we most excited about?