[Video] Rick Ross Talks BET Banning His Video, If Joseline Is Really A Man + Denies Ghost Writing for Dr. Dre

Rapper Rick Ross (real name William Leonard Roberts), hit up Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, promoting his new album God Forgives, I Don’t. In addition to discussing his new album, Ricky discussed why his ‘Hold Me Back’ video had initially been banned, working with Andre 3000, if he wrote Dr. Dre’s verse on ‘3 Kings’, being chest-naked and the buzz surrounding his tour bus being robbed. Peep a few excerpts:

On why he keeps his shirt off in this videos:

The ladies love me with my shirt off…they the ones started boycotting for me..that’s that phyisique

On why BET initially banned his video:

Just based on the content of the record, not as much as the visuals…but we worked it out.

On how he nabbed Andre 3000 on his album:

He been filming Jimi. We did a lot of skyping for the record, we just wanted it to be somethig special…i wanted it to feel Outkast’ish.

On if he knows how to work Skype himself:

I don’t know how to but Spiff hit the buttons..With my shirt off.

On how he got Dr. Dre on his latest ‘3 Kings’ single:

Dr. Dre he was my single biggest inlfuence on music. DOC put me on the phone w/ Dr. Dre. I let him know how much he influenced me. At the time was a little unbelievable. When the homie touched down, I went in.

If he wrote Dre’s verse for ‘3 Kings’:

Y’all gotta stop that. Dre just dope.

The details of his tour bus being robbed:

We went back to the hotel after the show. The window was broken. They took my X-Box, my ‘Call of Duty’ and they ate my left over Chik-Fil-A. I rock with that chicken salad…Them nuggets ain’t bad…But anyway, it was broken into…found out it was a homeless man. God Forgives, I Don’t, but I forgive him.

On if jewelry was stolen from the tour bus:

Never leave nothing on the tour bus.

On the paternity test on him, being dropped:

Never met her in my life. I don’t play like that.

On having unprotected sex:

We love it. But you gotta do that with that special one.

On being a fan of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta:

Man….Stevie J goin’ in, man. Nah, them faces homie be makin’ is amazing.

On if he would ever do reality TV:

Nah, they ain’t got enough money for me.

On if LHHA’s Joseline is really a man:

She usta work at Diamonds. Nah, she worked in the strip club. I remember.

Watch the full interview below.