[Video] Steve Harvey Cries During Final Comedy Performance

Over the weekend, comedian Steve Harvey performed his last stand-up comedy routine, during his annual Hoodie Awards show. After performing his ‘Grand Stand Up’ set, he returned to the stage for final words. A very emotional Steve told the crowd that stood to their feet:

Thank y’all for supporting me, thank you for loving me, thank y’all for making my dreams come true….You can’t be famous without people. Really, really been dreading this moment, man cuz I didn’t know what to say, I just wanna say thank you…God is given me a life far beyond anything i ever dreamed about … God is man, God is something else, man.

Watch his emotional farewell below:

[youtube width=”590″ height=”415″]http://youtu.be/5T_Mwo_zXYA[/youtube]

[Eben Gregory]