Ochocinco Suing Two Popular Urban Sites for Leaking Sex Tape

The story surrounding Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson’s recently leaked sex tape, isn’t going anywhere…at least legally. Last week, a number of sites showed photos and a bit of raunchy footage of Ocho having an intimate moment with another woman. By last Friday, practically all of the sites had removed the content (either willingly, or per a request from Ocho’s lawyer).

Ochocinco with Magic Johnson, NYE

But fast forward to the present day and apparently the removal of the leak is not sufficient in Ocho’s eyes. TMZ reports that the former NFL suing two popular websites that posted footage. According to his lawsuit, both WorldStarHipHop and Media Takeout, posted the footage without his consent, which was allegedly stolen from him. Reportedly, Ocho wants unspecified damages, along with court order blocking the websites from posting the footage ever again.