[Video] Elle Varner Talks Music, Rumors That She’s Dating Miguel + Stage Swagger

After her amazing live performance at The Howard Theater Friday night, we chatted with songstress Elle Varner about music, rumors that she’s dating an industry favorite, body image, and what turns her on.

Peep a few excerpts below.

On the first thing that she did when her album dropped:

This week is such a blur…I was in Atlanta…Suppose to get to Atlanta Mondy night, but our flight was delayed for 7 hours….I had to go in the bathroom, fix myself up, get ready for a morning show and go to another morning show…I had all of these things all day long….I performed @ Frank Ski’s….It’s still blur.

On what was her most difficult song to record on the album:

Probably “I Don’t Care”…It’s the way the run goes into the chorus, that little run i had to do it so  many times….The verse is in such a low register.

On what her wedding day would look like:

I want it to be relaxed. I want it to be with people that are really close to me, I don’t want to feel pressured in inviting ‘the right people’. I want to have the best reception, everybody on the dance floor. A big, but intimate wedding with a nice party.

On rumors of dating Migue:

There’s zero truth to that

On body image:

I don’t feel pressured to be a certain size. I know that people love my music and they love me whether I’m big or small. But it does make it easier at this size because I can wear more things, I can do more fashion. I enjoy my regiment, I love running and eating healthy. I want to live long and age well.

Describe your style in three words:

Bold. Fresh. Different.

On biggest lesson learned about the industry:

My biggest lesson learned in the industry is to be careful with who you trust. Be careful with your feelings because it’s easy to think people are your friends and they care about you, but sometimes it’s just a business. I just keep a good eye on things and the reasons why people want to be around me.

On where she gets her stage swagger…

Definitely from hands on experience. When I went on tour with Estelle in February I learned so much from her. I’ve grown so much as a performer from just going out and doing it. It’s like ok, this doesn’t work, that doesn’t work, they can smell your fear. You just have to know that you’re it. If you mess up, you mess up, but if you’re afraid it’s over for you.

Favorite curse word:

F*ck because you can use it in so many ways.

Turn on:


Turn off:

Bad smell

Favorite song to sing in the shower:


On what she’ tell her 18-year-old self:

Believe in yourself, believe you’re going to find your own way. And know everything will be ok

On what she wants her legacy to be:

Greatest singer, philanthropist, and artist. I want to be known as a role model and inspiration and all around good person. My name is so important to me and my reputation.

On her twitter, Hug life movement:

I started a movement called Hug Life. Every thug needs a hug. I was tweeting about Tupac, who I love even though he’s no longer with us, and I was like ‘Thug Life’. I said to myself what am I talking about, I have zero relations to thug life. And that’s how I came up with Hug Life to promote positivity and non violence. And all of a sudden it started trending on twitter, and that was it.

Watch part of the interview below:


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[Photos: EverydayLaVan, Video: DDotOmen]