Tameka Raymond Vents About Custody Case Against Usher

For the past few months, there’s been a heated, public court room battle brewing between Tameka Foster Raymond and her ex-husband, Usher Raymond. This week, the very public custody battle for their two young sons (Usher Raymond and Naviyd) went down in Fulton County court room. Insiders tell us that there was a ton of court room drama, from both sides, including a surprise witness.

Over the weekend, Tameka took to twitter to share how she feels about the case, along with the idea that she purposely had children with her ex-husband to keep him. She wrote:

Heck, if was barren, sterile, infertile, I’d probably want another womans sons too.. Its a cold world we live in, but all to “play” house? Im logging off, before I say too much. Im strong, but very hurt.. I am human & can only withstand so much. Yall dont even know the half. smh

What do you think of Tameka’s comments? Is she playing victim in this case or is her point valid? Stay tuned as this unfortunate saga continues.

[Photo: Global Grind]