(EXCLUSIVE) Rick Ross Settles Legal Battle With Photographer Over Jay Z

Rick Ross

Rick Ross

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Rick Ross has reached a settlement in the legal battle with the photograph who sued the rapper over Jay-Z with both parties agreeing to dismiss the entire case per their confidential deal.

A photographer named Armen Djerrahian filed a federal lawsuit against Rick Ross and his company Maybach Music last year. The man explained he took an iconic photo of Jay-Z back in 2003 – showing the rapper throwing up his famous Roc sign. The photographer explained he had the photo copyrighted shortly after the shoot.

Djerrahian claimed that he then saw Rick Ross’ music video for his song, “Movin Bass” which is a collaboration with Jay-Z and he noticed his photo was used during the montage of Jay-Z’s success without his permission nor was he paid a dime.

The man filed suit demanding all profits made from the music video and an injunction ordering Rick Ross to cease using his work without consent.

Jay Z, Rick Ross

Jay Z, Rick Ross

Ross fired back at the photographer’s lawsuit explaining the man didn’t even currently hold a valid copyright for the Jay-Z photo. The rapper claimed he licensed the photo before he used it in the music video.

The rapper accused the photographer of lying about suffering damages for the use of his photo in the “Movin Bass” music video. He demanded the entire case be thrown out and the man awarded nothing.

Then on March 9th, despite the rapper being adamant he did nothing wrong, docs were filed in the case by Ross and the photographer explaining they have signed a settlement agreement that dismisses all claims against each other. The case was closed the same day.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams