RHOA’s Kim Zolciak’s Mother Files Petition for Visitation of Grandchildren

According to reports, Kim Zolciak, well known for starring on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” is going through some real life family drama. Zolciak married NFL athlete, Kroy Biermann last year, and has since had two children by him. Kim also has two daughters from a past relationship.

Kim Zolciak's Parents

Fast forward to present day, Kim’s mother (Karen Zolciak) has filed a petition with the Supreme Court for visitation with her four grand children. Karen says that she has always spent time with the girls, Ariana and Brielle, since they were born. However, since Kim married Kroy, her visitation with her grandchildren has been limited. What’s more is that she claims that she has never even seen her youngest grandson, Kash, who was born on August 15th. Karen wrote this statement in the complaint:

“She won’t let us see our granddaughters (or our grandsons). We understand that’s because Kim and Kroy are married and living under the same roof that we don’t have the same visitation rights & that’s okay. Since we’ve had a strong bond with our granddaughters, we would like that to continue… We have spent time with the girls on a regular basis since they were born. They have spent a lot of time at our house cooking, baking, doing crafts, having sleep overs, playing with our dogs, making hot fudge sundaes, eating ‘Poppy’ burgers (grandpa’s hamburgers). We have gone out to dinner with the whole family and to Falcons games a lot. Before Kroy came into Kim’s life, we spent a Christmas in the Bahamas with them.”

Karen also feels that the children live an abnormal life, being on reality TV, which is even more of a reason to be more involved in her grandchildren’s life. No word from Kim yet.


Patrice M.