Two Florida Men Arrested After Harassing, Attacking, & Racially Profiling A 16-Year-Old Black Teenager For Reportedly Driving Through A Predominantly White Neighborhood

Florida Men Donald Corsi, Howard Hughes

Two Florida Men Arrested After Harassing, Attacking, & Racially Profiling A 16-Year-Old Black Teenager For Reportedly Driving Through A Predominantly White Neighborhood

An escalated situation in Florida has left a teenager traumatized and two men facing felony charges.

According to reports, 16-year-old Jermaine Jones was driving through a predominantly white neighborhood in Sanford, Florida recently while visiting a friend when a brick flew through his window. Video footage of the altercation shows Donald Corsi, 52, and Howard Hughes, 61, who live in the neighborhood, harassing the teen, accusing him of drag racing, and admitting to damaging his vehicle.

In the original video, posted to Jermaine’s Instagram page, Donald and Howard are seen circulating the car before approaching the teen. One of the men vehemently states:

“Tell them what you were doing. Burning out and racing through my f****ing neighborhood!”

While the other approaches the young man, stating:

“Kept going after I told you not to!…Get out of my neighborhood f**kwad!”

As the traumatic video continues, Jermaine shows both windows on his driver’s side completely destroyed. In the back seat, lays a large brick that Donald reportedly threw at the teen, missing him directly. At one point in the video, the teen questioned who was the person threatening him with a gun. In the background, Howard, one of the men, arrested stated:

“The one who’s got a permit to carry it.”

While a woman, reportedly identified as Cindy Dooley-Hughes, recording the incident yells out:

“We’re smarter than that, you’d be the one with the gun!”


“You don’t belong here!”

Thankfully, police came shortly after Jermaine contacted them, though the teen’s sister alleges it took a considerable amount of time for arrests to be made. Following the scary confrontation, Jermaine’s father CJ Jones and also spoke out. Taking to his Facebook, CJ shared videos from the incident with the caption:

“These are the pictures of the two mens that was racial profiling on my son and threw [a] brick at my son’s head. Lucky thing he was moving and the brick landed in the back.”

Jermaine’s sister also shared pics and details of the altercation. In one video, the two men wave at the camera as the teen’s father documents the incident.

Coincidentally, the teen’s sister also noted that the location of the incident is the same city where, then 17-year-old, Trayvon Martin was tragically killed back in 2012. If you recall, the triggerman, George Zimmerman, told police a suspicious person with a hoodie was walking around the neighborhood and followed Trayvon despite police insisting he did not do so. The infamous confrontation resulted in Trayvon’s death, and George Zimmerman receiving no jail time due to Florida’s controversial stand your ground law.

Following the arrests, Donald was charged with weapon offenses, accusing him of sending a “missile” into a vehicle, which is a second-degree felony. Howard was charged with first-degree misdemeanor battery (touch or strike). Additionally, both men were charged with criminal mischief, accused of causing more than $1,000 in damages to property, which is a third-degree felony. According to reports, they were released from the Seminole County jail after posting bond.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson