Pregnancy Brings Out Amber Rose’s Softer Side

After a bit of ovary hustlin’ and media speculation, Amber Rose and her rapper fiance/baby daddy Wiz Khalifa, FINALLY confirmed their pregnancy at the MTV VMAs.

And now that we all know, Amber has been on Twitter gushing with excitement over her bundle of joy, along with her love for Wiz.

Recently, she wrote:

Thx 4 all the Love my Rosebuds & Rosestuds I love u guys so much we’re about to have a lil #WizBud join our Rosebud fam Yay!! :-) I’ve never been so happy :-)

And on his birthday, she wrote:

My baby @RealWizKhalifa is about to turn 25 years old….Zaaaaammmn ur a str8 ol’head baby!!! Lol but you’ll always be my boy toy ;-) Happy Birthday to thee most amazing man in the world @RealWizKhalifaI love u more than you’ll ever know ur my King & I bow to u. I hope u luv the gifts I got 4 u @RealWizKhalifa as u have given me the most precious gifts of all ur Luv & a Lil you growing inside of me. Now its time to make him breakfast in bed and spoil him rotten all day! I Love my baby so much he deserves the world :-)

And Amber isn’t the only one thrilled. In an interview with MTV News, Wiz shared that he did a backflip, when he learned that they were expecting.

“We found out this summer, and it was more of a celebration than anything. I did a backflip; she was doing this little dance that we made up.”

Amber confirmed:

“It’s called the monkey butt dance!”

Cute–congrats again!

P.S. For Wiz’s birthday, Amber decorated their house with a Batman theme, while one of Wiz’s friends got a Ninja Turtle to sing happy birthday. LOL.