Is Michael Clarke Duncan Being Extorted After His Death?

This week, we learned the sad news that 54-year-old Michael Clarke Duncan, had passed in his Los Angeles hospital room. As most of you know, Michael (who was reportedly engaged to Omarosa) had been in the hospital since July 13, when he went into full cardiac arrest and remained hospitalized until his death. And now we’ve learned that one day after his death, the estate of the actor may have been hit with an apparent extortion attempt. reports that allegedly he’s being targeted posthumously by a Chicago woman. Reportedly, the woman (who claims to be his daughter), has contacted the late actor’s family and business offices. The source shares:

“This woman surfaced many years ago and Michael took a D.N.A. test to prove that he was not her father. Now after hearing of his death, she keeps calling his family and business offices in an attempt to get money.”

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