President Obama Responds To Nicki Minaj’s Romney Endorsement + Nicki Denies Being A Republican


It’s official, Nicki Minaj is NOT voting for Mitt Romney. Or at least we don’t think so. Last week, she dropped a line on Lil Wayne’s mixtape, where she rhymed:

“I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney / You lazy b*tches is f*cking up the economy”

And after the song hit, media, public and twitter were buzzing, wondering if the line was pure entertainment or if she was in fact a Republican. During a recent radio interview, a radio VJ asked President Obama about Nicki endorsing Romney in the song. He responded:

“Yeah, I’m not sure that’s exactly what happened. She likes to play different characters.”

After hearing the President’s response, Nicki took to twitter, addressing Obama directly.

She continued with:

What do you think about the President’s response? And should Nicki have not used that line about Romney or is it perfectly fine to express yourself creatively in music?