50 Cent Hires Private Investigator to Look Into Chris Lighty’s Death

A month after his death, there seems to be internal speculation about the death of 44-year-old Violator Records founder, Chris Lighty. As most of you know, Lighty, who managed the careers of people like 50 CentMariah Carey,Busta Rhymes and LL Cool J, committed suicide, reportedly after an argument with his wife, Veronica Lighty, at their Riverdale home. And since his death, an angry rift has developed between his widow, Veronica and his family and famous friends including 50 Cent, who have hired their own investigators to probe the circumstances of his death. Sources say that Lighty’s family and friends still have many questions about his death. One source told Page Six

“A lot of people want answers; a lot of things don’t really add up,”

And because of this, Lighty’s mother has hired a lawyer and private investigator to investigate the suicide. His mother has reached out to 50 Cent, asking him for help, and he agreed to foot the bill for the probe. Some of Lighty’s family agrees and have been suspicious of his wife who was named as the primary beneficiary and executor of Lighty’s will. Lighty’s children will also benefit through a $1.6 million trust. Lighty’s family even commissioned a second autopsy, conducted by former New York medical examiner.