Former NFL’er Larry Johnson Denies Being a Woman Beater


Recently we learned alarming news about the ex-fiance of TV/Reality star Julissa Bermudez. Reports claimed that the former NFL'er Larry Johnson (who was Jay-Z's roomate, back in the day) had been arrested after having a domestic violence dispute with his ex-girlfriend, on Friday. According to TMZ LJ denies physically abusing the woman and also denies claims that he choked her until she blacked out.

According to Larry, the woman was being a groupie who refused to leave his hotel room after partying at Bank Nightclub in Las Vegas. Allegedly, the woman was kicking and slapping as he tried to remove her from his room. After Larry was able to get her out of the room, she tried to kick the door down–which he believes may be on tape by surveillance.  The former running back also told TMZ that the police were not receptive to his version of the story. He explained: 

I know people will try to pass judgement on me from me previous record but I didn't do what I am being charged with.

Do we believe LJ is innocent this time?