[Photo] Lisa Raye Goes Artistically Topless, Endorsing President Obama

With the election countdown around the corner, folk are becoming more and more vocal about who they’re endorsing as the next president of the united states. A-listers have lent their celebrity, tweeting, touring and using fashion to speak to their political affiliation. Case in point, actress Lisa Raye did an artistic shoot, endorsing the re-election of President Obama. Rocking a white skirt, an image of Obama and the American flag is painted on Lisa Raye’s back, as she’s propped up on a desk, imitating a school teacher. She shared the photo above and wrote:

Thank you all so much election day is almost here so I want all to get to the polls & s/o to my artist keenan chapman who brought my vision to life.

What do you think of Lisa Raye’s shoot-dope or inappropriate?