Do Basketball Wives, Fiances & Girlfriends Deserve NBA Ring? Savannah & Gabrille Union Show Bling

Who says the wives and girlfriends of NBA ballers don’t deserve a ring? The basketball wives, fiances and girlfriends of Miami Heat’s Christopher Bosh (Adrianne), LeBron James (Savannah) and D. Wade (Gabrielle Union) showed off their tricked off ice.

Lebron James’ fiance, Savannah Brinson

Chris’ wife, Adrienne showed off her new bling, writing:

A man on a journey…Always Growing, Always Fighting,Always Working,Always with a pure heart.I Love this man

According to reports, all of the wives didn’t receive rings, as some of the players (like Lebron James) asked permission for their better half’s to receive a ring. My question is…do the wives, fiances and girlfriends of NBA championships deserve a ring too? And should all of the wives/girlfriends of the team received a ring?