[WATCH] Basketball Wives LA: Laura Plays Iyanla Vanzant, Jackie Plays Victim & More Drama

Monday night, the drama continued with the latest episode of VH1’s “Basketball Wives LA”. Conflict continues, with Laura Govan at the realm. One interesting twist to this season’s plot, is a conversation that Laura has with Jackie Christie’s daughter.

During their conversation, Jackie’s daughter shares how damaging she (Jackie) has been to her and her sister (she says her sister was darker than the rest of her siblings and overweight, which resulted in unfair treatment throughout childhood), along with some other family secrets. The episode also includes Malaysia’s skating party and the tension really peaks there. Peep the full episode below.

Overall, what do you think about the episode? Are Laura’s motives for speaking with Jackie’s daughter sincere? Do you believe Jackie’s daughter? Is Jackie now the victim? 

[VH1 Blog]