Katt Williams Flicks A Cigarette in Woman’s Face + Details On Latest Seattle Arrest

I’ll be honest. Initially, Katt Williams’ behavior within the last year or so was sorta-kinda funny, but now I sorta-kinda find it alarming. A day or so after footage surfaced of the 35-year-comedic actor slapping a Target employee (and actually standing there for a moment afterward), dude has gotten into more trouble.

What new drama has he gotten himself into? Katt says that he was ordered to leave a Seattle hotel late Monday, hours after he was released from jail following a dispute at a bar. No word on why he was kicked out of the hotel, but what we do know is that he’s since been released from jail (early Monday) after police say he argued with a patron at a bar, menaced the manager with a pool cue and refused to leave World Sports Grille on Sunday. He was also accused of flicking a cigarette into a woman’s face through a car window and throwing a rock at the vehicle. Police say Katt struggled with officers who arrested him and jailed him for investigation of assault, harassment and obstruction. What’s more? Police say Katt was also was involved in an altercation with three fans Friday evening after they tried to take a photo with him. He said they had forced their way into his dressing room. What do you think of Katt’s behavior–funny or alarming? And should his folk seek professional mental help for him? [AP]