[Video] RHOA’s Porscha Stewart Addresses Rumors That Her Husband’s Gay + Kenya Moore’s Fake Boyfriend

Monday morning, one of RHOA’s newest faces, Porscha Stewart, visited Power 105’s ‘The Breakfast’. The 31-year-old reality star (who is married to ex-NFL’er Kordell Stewart) dished on Kenya Moore, rumors that her hubby was formerly gay and other controversy surrounding this season. Peep a few excerpts:

If it was tacky that her husband gave her a gift, during her charity event: 

I didn’t get to spend my birthday with my girls…I was putting the event together. He brought a nice little check for us.

If she thinks Kenya is jealous of her: 

I’ll tell you what’s real funny, she’s telling me that I’m jealous. I will say ‘envy’ and that’s a spirit.

On why she keeps referring to Kenya as ‘old’: 

Age would not have been an issue, until she started calling me a ‘little girl’.

If she believes that Kenya and Walter had a fake relationship: 

It didn’t look right, it was off, it just seemed like it was force. Just, the chemistry was totally off.

How she feels about gay rumors about her ex-NFL’er Cordell Stewart: 

IDK any details of all of that. One thing I do know is that my husband loves me and he puts it down. He’s more man than I have ever met.

If she’s ever asked him (her husband) about the gay rumors:

There’s been some rumors about me this fast. I know my husband. I know a real man and I know when someone probably not.

If Kim used the ‘N-word’, during their argument, on camera: 

For me, it kinda sounded like it.

Check out the full interview below: