Aspiring Rapper Freddy E, Allegedly Commits Suicide Over Ex Girlfriend Honey Cocaine

Very tragic news for an up and coming artist named, Freddy E (real name Frederick Eugene Buhl). According to reports and his twitter account, early Sunday morning, he committed suicide. At some point, Freddy E and Honey Cocaine (who are both signed to Tyga’s record label) had a romantic relationship that ended. There have been conflicting reports, most noting that the Los Angeles native took his life because of his failed relationship with Honey Cocaine. Before committing suicide, he wrote:

Meanwhile, Honey Cocaine has responded, sending her condolences and disputing reports that she is the reason Freddy took his life.

Early Sunday morning, his family posted the following message on Facebook:

The Urban Daily reports that in addition to being an aspiring rapper, Freddy E had a well-known YouTube channel called, Jerk TV, with 60,000 subscribers and almost 7 Million video views. He also graduated with a Degree in Digital Filmmaking from the Art Institute of Seattle in 2012 and worked as a video editor for World Star HipHop.  No further details have yet been announced about his funeral arrangements.