Trey Songz’s Star Power Makes ‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’ No. 1 @ Box Office

Numbers don’t lie. It should come as no surprise that star power, on the big screen, brings out their respective fans and avid movie-goers. Such is the case for Texas Chainsaw 3D, featuring Trey Songz (real name Tremaine “Trey” Aldon Neverson) Over the weekend, the film came in No. 1 at the box office, ranking in $23 million. E! reports:

Texas Chainsaw 3D goes down as the second-biggest opening Texas Chainsaw movie. Its bigger-than-expected estimated $23 million Friday-Sunday take was driven by presumably Songz-taken females, who made up more than half of the opening-weekend audience. About the only game the movie didn’t win was the Cinemascore one—per the polling company, the film was graded just a C-plus by moviegoers. In its second weekend, Django ($20.1 million) held strong, and held onto second place in the weekend standings. Overall, the Quentin Tarantino Oscar hopeful is now at $106.4 million stateside.

Meanwhile, the real question is, had Trigga NOT been in the film, would it have done so well? Exit polling showed one in three moviegoers cited seeing the 28-year-old singer (this also happens to be his first time in a major movie), as the main attraction. Plus I’m sure co-signs by other celebrities and Trey’s Angels (his die-hard fan club) assisted with promoting the film:

If you watched the film this weekend (not that you care, but I missed it…I checked out Django instead), what did you think of Trey’s acting chops? And is Trey responsible for the film’s numbers? 

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