Iyanla Vanzant Snags DMX for ‘Iyanla, Fix My Life’

If there’s one person that may be able to help DMX save his life, it’s Iyanla Vanzant. And from what we hear, that’s what she attends to do for 42-year-old Earl Simmons. In a press conference earlier this year, Oprah announced that Iyanla’s show (Iyanla, Fix My Life) was renewed for another season.

“I am amazed at Iyanla Vanzant’s gift to just cut through the layers of people’s pain and their baggage and create a space in all of their hoarded junk emotionally. At the end of every show, you can see there is a crack, an opening for healing.”

What exactly will Iyanla be ‘fixing’? Well, if you’ve followed X, you’ll know that he’s fought his own personal demons like alcohol and drug abuse (as demonstrated on the show, ‘Couples Therapy’). No details on when the episode will air, but stay tuned! P.S. Will you tune in? And if so, can Iyanla help X turn his life around?