LHHNY’s Lore’l Calls Rich Dollaz A ‘Bobby Brown Bozo’ + Explains Fight With Erica Mena

This week, one of the freshest (new) faces of Love & Hip Hop (NY), Lore’l, caused quite a controversy on her premiere episode. In short, she and Erica Mena got into a heated argument, that almost ended in an altercation.  After the episode aired, she and Erica had a few words, thanks to twitter. Tuesday, Lore’l visited Power 105’s ‘The Breakfast Club’ dishing on why she decided to do the show (she’s a rapper, managed by radio personality Angela Yee), along with her beef with Erica and Rich Dollaz. Peep a few excerpts below. 

On what motivated her to do the show: 

It’s something that I feel like I needed, for my music to get a little bigger.
After maybe the second week of me filming, I was like wait a minute, did I make a mistake.

On why (during this week’s episode), she mentioned the incident between Erica Mena and the child of her father: 

I mean, I said it because it happened. She was fighting in the street like I always.

On how the beef outside started:

See it’s crazy because..we was really outside for 30 mintues and she was arguing with Rich. I’m like yo, just get in the car, you’re embarassing. I just felt like you look like a maniac. Erica done got her butt whipped so many times…she should be ashamed of herself.

On why she wanted to do a song, with Erica: 

I don’t know. It was a gaffle. When they asked about it…It’s another check for me.

On how well she knows new cast mate, Winter Samos: 

Ummm, I known Winter for awhile now. It’s a lot of stuff, I know about her and stuff she thinks she knows about me. I don’t know anything about a book.

On if she’s friends with Olivia: 

I actually really liked Olivia one time. Until I seen her take a cheap shot at me. If I have a problem with Rich, that’s between me and Rich.

On why she dislikes Rich Dollaz: 

I feel like Rich is a bozo. I just don’t associate myself with people like that. I don’t know if it’s the drinking or he’s hanging out w/ someone that’s dipping into the drugs. I’m cool on Rich. He lookin’ like Bobby Brown. He making y’all light skinned boys look bad.

Watch the full interview below.