Kenya Moore Addresses Fake Booty Rumors, Calls Walter ‘A Groupie’ + How Her Song Fights Anti-Bullying

Fresh off of a highly entertaining episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, where the break-out-star bares all (literally) stirring up even more controversy, Kenya Moore called into talked to Hot 97 and dished on all things ATL housewife. The new budding singer dished on her relationship with Phaedra and the real reason she’s producing her upcoming Stallion booty DVD, why Walter Jackson is now considered a groupie, moving on (she says she totally in love right now) + why her new single is anti-bullying campaign of sorts. Peep a few excerpts below: 

On her current relationship with Phaedra:

There is no relationship. Its unfortunate because when I started the show she was BFF. I thought the world of Phaedra, she could do no wrong in my eyes.

On if the Stallion workout video is in the works:

Absolutely! I’m a businesswoman I have a deal on the table, I’m going to make a video.

On if she has a had any work on done on her assets:

I don’t have any work done. I’m not going to entertain that nonsense. My real fans know my body is my body. I may go up and down in my weight but this is me anybody who doesn’t like it you can buy my workout video and try to get your body together.

Why she wore the fishnet/thong outfit to Nene’s event:

It was defintely to get her attention–to make her see how ridiculous she looks. You know I was making a mockery of her and (how) she walked around in Anguilla in the same exact outfit in front of everyone’s husbands. Phaedra says one thing and does another. You know Phaedra is not telling the truth if her mouth is moving.

On if it was appropriate to do it at Nene’s event:

It wasn’t a charity event per se, it was a launch of her shoe and it was a private event. We are making a TV show; people need to realize that. Anything can happen at any moment. Its entertainment.

On the relationship status between her and Walter:

He’s long gone. Keep watching the show because he won’t go away. Groupies never go away. I took a chance with him. He was never good enough for me and he is proving it every single time you see him on the show. I think he really wants to hold a peach in the beginning of the opening credits on housewives more than anybody.

On her love life now:

I’m working on the kids part. I definitely will have some children in the very near future with someone that I am totally in love with.

On the status of her new single and music career:

I’m just having fun. I am not a singer. I’m not out here trying to be Rihanna or Beyonce. It’a song that pretty much empowers people. Being in this business and doing what I do you have people constantly everyday trying to put you down or send you hate messages. For me, its sort of like an anti-bullying campaign if you will.

Peep the full interview here:

Stallion booty DVD and new mystery man? Kenya Moore is definitely a busy lady. Congrats to her!

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