Tyler Perry’s Generosity Hurts Oprah On Her Birthday

This week, Oprah Winfrey celebrated her 59th birthday. And what does one get a woman that practically owns and can buy whatever her heart desires? Flowers, duh! One of her close friends, Tyler Perry, had that in mind, when he went a bit overboard. He explained on Facebook: 

I like to send really large flower arrangements to people for whatever occasion. Well, I sent one to Oprah yesterday for her birthday. She strained her back picking it up. No joke! Feel better Oprah. Happy birthday. Sorry. :-( Next year I’m sending her one rose. :-)

So, how did Oprah spend her big day? With her boo, of course. On twitter, she wrote:

Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes. Enjoying lunch with Stedman . No plans to leave p.j.’s all day

Sweet. Happy birthday, Oprah!