[New Music] RaVaughn feat Fabolous ‘I’m So F*cked Up’

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When a woman starts off a song with,

‘Why am I calling your number

Must’ve been my mistake

I hope I pissed off your lover

Cuz no friends call that late

In the middle of the night when I drunk dialed did she see you smile and say

‘Why is that look of love all on your face?’

You know there’s about to be a complicated love story involved. Ne-Yo’s protoge, RaVaughn, sings about being in this scenario, remembering a love that has since moved on (in another relationship one can assume), but experiencing this unfortunate conflict while being a bit tips/under the influence. Titled, ‘I’m So F*cked’, with rapper Fabolous, we’ve certainly been there, done that. Check it out below.