[Video] Beyonce Isn’t Getting Paid For Super Bowl Halftime Show

Are we the only ones who thought Beyonce Knowles’ Super Bowl halftime show was going to provide the mega-star with a HUGE paycheck? In my mind, any artist that graces one of the hugest American stages, for such a big sports event, was surely to bring in some serious dough, but apparently, I’m wrong. According to Forbes, the NFL doesn’t pay a dime for any of the artists that perform. NFL spokesperson Greg McCarthy confirmed via email:

“We do not pay. We cover all expenses associated with the performance.”

So what are costs associated with the actual performance? Travel, lodging, setup, fees for backup dancers and musicians—which reportedly comes in around $600,000 or more. So, why would Beyonce or any big name act agree to work for free? Derek Jackson, cofounder of advertising agency Glu, suggests it’s for exposure-duh!

“There is not anything like it. The Super Bowl, for an artist, is considered the medium of all mediums. You can’t beat it from a promotional standpoint. You garner so many eyeballs at one time. This is a Pepsi event, so I’d have to make the argument that this was in her deal. I can’t imagine it being any other way … What better way to make it known to the world that Beyoncé is the face of Pepsi?”

Regardless,  the queen Bey, stands to profit immensely, as others have in the past. P.S. Peep the latest promotional video for Bey’s half-time performance.