Tameka Raymond’s Attorney Continues to Fight For Her

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It looks like Tameka Raymond’s camp is not giving up on the custody battle, that she lost with Usher Raymond, in 2012. If you’ve followed this story, then you’re familiar with allegations being made against the presiding judge of the case, Judge Lane.

tameka raymond attorney-investigates ushers custody battle judge-the jasmine brand

The quick and dirty is that Judge Lane received a donation from John Mayoue’s (Usher’s attorney) firm, during her 2008 campaign election. What’s the big deal? Well, Tameka’s camp suggests that because of this donation, the Judge has a bias and rules in favor of Mayoue’s clients. So what’s the latest? Two more women spoke out about Judge Lane allegedly ruling in favor of their husbands, who were represented by attorney John Mayoue. Gracie Ortiz Terrett told CBS Atlanta,

“Children are affected by the decisions [Lane] makes. And if she’s going to make decisions based on relationships, financials, based on campaigns, then she doesn’t belong there.”

A second woman, Robin Fischer, suggests she experienced the judge’s biased firsthand. Robin said she was perplexed about why nothing in her 2008 divorce seemed to go her way (her husband was represented by John Mayou), claiming the judge didn’t allow evidence that would have hurt her husband, didn’t require her husband pay the jury award and punished her for speaking about her divorce two years after it ended.

“I couldn’t get justice. She took away my First Amendment right. My freedom of speech.”

She continued:

“It was a light bulb went off. It didn’t have anything to do with her hating my attorney. It had nothing to do with her hating me. It had to do with her connection to John Mayoue.”

And Tameka’s attorney, Lisa West says,

“What has happened and what is happening has so clearly been going on for such a long time that why has it taken this long for someone to step up and say this isn’t right. This is against the law.”

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