Let The Games Begin: Porsha Stewart Wants Alimony & Exclusive Rights To Their Tricked Out Home

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The plot is absolutely thickening between Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Porsha Stewart and her estranged hubby, Kordell. If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve followed what popped off this week. And if you’re like me, you’re still trying to figure out just what the heck went wrong with these two. Of course, weekly we watched the dynamic of this couple, and more than likely, we have our two (or three) cents about what caused an abrupt end to their relationship. The short of it is, we aren’t therapist, but what we can do is assess the latest on what looks like will be a public divorce.

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So what’s new? While Porsha has remained mum on social media, she is speaking out with her attorney. According to TMZ, Porsha is requesting alimony, STAT. What’s her rationale for being entitled to a little cash? Well first, they were married (a no brainer). Secondly, she quit her full-time job AND her own business, to be his stay at home wife. Third(ly), she also cared for his child from his previous relationship. What’s Kordell’s response to the alimony request? US Weekly reports that in his original filing, the former NFL’er claimed his wife didn’t need spousal support and could earn her own living. Ouch! What’s more? Reportedly, she also wants exclusive use of the family’s Atlanta home. Stay tuned, as the drama and soap opera unfolds. P.S. Should what would you consider FAIR for Porsha to receive, post divorce?