Andrew Caldwell Released From Jail ‘Jesus Dropped The Charges!’

Andrew Caldwell 

Andrew Caldwell Released From Jail ‘Jesus Dropped The Charges!’

Andrew Caldwell was released from jail Friday and didn’t waste time in updating his fans on social media.

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theJasmineBRAND previously reported that Caldwell was taken into custody shortly after he claimed he was the victim of an attempted carjacking. Still, it looks like his charges have been tossed out.

“Jesus dropped the charges! What the devil meant for bad, God said not today! The people tried to attack me at my home but I’m not having it! I will not be [attacked]. The devil is busy and believe what you will! I am free, praise The Lord I’m free!”

He apologized for his behavior and denied being attracted to the man who allegedly attacked him.

He also went live outside of the jail and said he was arrested because of traffic tickets he forgot to pay. He said that the man attacked him and he was defending himself. He later said he and the man were both taken into custody after Caldwell tried to set the man car’s on fire. He added that he’ll be getting a restraining order against him, and the man is still in jail against seven felonies. He added that he went to jail for warrants on speeding tickets and for not having his insurance on him while driving. See that at the 2:25 mark.

Interestingly enough, he went off on Instagram Saturday morning and denied reports he went to jail for arrest warrants on speeding tickets and not showing up in court.

“I did not go to jail for a warrant. I had a warrant but I was being followed in downtown St. Louis… I jumped on the highway, next thing I know this car started following me. I pulled over at my exit. Something told me not to go home. I did not go home. I stopped near the hospital, King’s Highway. I pulled over, let down my window, next thing you know he punched me in the face, I got out so I punched him in his face, I bust out his windows, bust out his face.”

He said he was charged on five felonies but they were dropped.

“Jesus dropped the charges, so stop calling me a jailbird! I’m not a jailbird, do y’all hear me? I’m not your mama and I’m not your daddy. Some of y’all have to hire a lawyer, I didn’t have to do none of that… He did it!”

He also told people to stop referring to him as “Andrew Smollett,” referencing actor Jussie Smollett who was accused of faking a physical attack against himself.


Jussie Smollett


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PSA ….Stop calling me Andrew Smollett ???

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Authored by: Char Patterson