[WATCH] Chris Brown Admits to Being Jealous of Matt Kemp, Being Boo’ed At the Knicks Game + Rumors That Rihanna’s Cheating On Him

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Chris Brown has broken his silence with the media, to promote his upcoming album, X. The 23-year-old controversial singer has been going full speed ahead, chatting with everyone from Ryan Seacrest, to Funk Master Flex and has even added TV to his blitz, hitting up The Today Show and BET’s 106 & Park.

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A day after dropping his new ‘Fine China’ video, the Virginia native visit Power 105’s ‘The Breakfast Club’, discussing rumors that Rihanna is cheating, how he remains friends w/ Karrueche after breaking up with her, his REAL issue with Drake + why he was sorta/kinda jealous of Matt Kemp.

Peep some excerpts from the interview.

On rumros that Rihanna is dating ASAP Rocky and if he privately ever worries about her cheating:

Damn that hurts LOL. I do I ain’t gon front. I’m a regular man–I be like ‘Man, I hope nobody hittin’ that’. You gotta put that trust out there and hope nothing happens.

On if if and Rihanna skype, while away from each other:

Yeah, on the iPhone must of the time.

On if he gets annoyed, while doing press, that the focus is less on the album and more on his past domestic violence incident:

For me, that’s what they focus on most. I’m so ready for it. I’ve said ‘Eff this a lot of times’ and it went the wrong way.

On being booed at a recent NBA game:

I gotta just take that on the chin. Even at the  Knicks game, I just smile. You can boo all day, but I’m rich.

On dramatic increase of negativity surrounding Justin Bieber:

It’s being young, (having a) limitless amount of income. And at the same time you don’t have someone to say ‘A bro, you look wack right now’.

On if Lil Twist is a negatively influence on Justin Bieber:

I feel like they’re gonna target the lil black boys around him. I’m damn sure glad I’m not around. I pray for him. I think we both go through it because we’re big artists.

On if he thought that at one point, he couldn’t make a comeback:

I went through a lil depression part. People weren’t tryna buy my album. I was like ‘Dang, I don’t think It’s gonna happen for me.’ I just prayed on it. Stayed humbled. And really just focused on me.

On him taking a year off of press:

Before it was all formulated. Now I kinda run my schedule on how I wanna do stuff. I’m cool. I can answer a question because I’m comfortable with myself.

On ending her relationship with Karrueche, to be with Rihanna:

You know one thing about me and Karrueche, she was my friend through it all. At the end of the day, I got love for her. I just broke it down to her. I just had to be honest. I couldn’t lie anymore.

On Rihanna being understanding that he and Karrueche are still friends:

For me, its more like you hafta understand. I was at my lowest point. I can’t never just be like ‘Alright, get outta here’.

On rumors that he kicked his security off his plane in Bermuda and fought him:

Nah, that didn’t happen. That’s not the case. Amongst men; men aren’t always civil. We talk, we get loud. We say how we feel. It’s family. Nobody ever getting fired.

On still having issues with Frank Ocean:

Nah, I’m cool. I let them do their music. It ain’t R&B beef. I handle what I do.

On his nude photos leaking on the internet:

At the end of the day, they done see everything else.

On both of his ex-girlfriends, (Basketball Wives) Draya and Karrueche being friends:

I welcome that. The comrade is welcome. I dont ever want none of my girls to hate on each other. When they see me it’s love.

On his thoughts about the ‘Law & Order’ episode, loosely based off of him and Rihanna’s domestic violence incident: 

I didn’t even watch it honestly. I was like ‘Should I watch it?’ Y’all reaching right now, for ratings. Y’all coulda just got me to play a crack-head (and got better ratings). 

On his noticeable weight loss:

You know what it was? I was like ‘what the hell I gotta do, eat 10 steaks a day?’ But you know what it was? I was on tour; [but] when I do shows, I do shows for two hours, dancing. All the muscle goes away. All cardio–so that’s what it is. I have high cheek bones.

On not liking Drake, as a person:

I mean, honestly, I think he’s a cool dude (in terms ) of music. It’s not even a thought. People just don’t like certain people.

On a challenge to do a charity boxing match with Drake:

He coulda got five minutes. Especially with the money they was talking.

On why he wants to be in a committed relationship, at this point in his career:

I think I’ve done a lot of that. From me being in the game at 15. I’ve had my fun. I’ll live vicariously through Charlamagne.

On rumors that he and Rihanna are getting married this summer:

I’m scared of that word. Imma be honest. We talk about like–videos, who hot, what songs is dope.

On how he feels about making ex-girlfriend, Karrueche,

The fortunate thing about it, it tends to happen to any girl I start to talk to. People wanna hear what they hafta say. We still have a clothing line together. I only want her to progress. As long as she ain’t out here lookin’ thirsty.

On if he believes in life-long monogamy:

Yeah, I’m getting there. For me, I already had two girls at one time.

On if he was jealous when Rihanna was dating other men, like professional baseball player, Matt Kemp:  

Of course, what do you mean? I was going through it . I was like ‘This big ole baseball n*gga..all man!’

Watch the full interview below.