[Video] DeVon Franklin Talks Conflict, Purpose & Why Both Are Necessary In Life

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I’ll admit, before he became engaged to actress Meagan Good, I had never heard of DeVon Franklin. In fact, I was confused as to why he was sitting on a couch, opposite of Oprah Winfrey, being featured on her ‘Super Soul Sunday’ series. But after further research and a bit of twitter stalking, I sorta understood what the fuss was about. In addition to making a name for himself in Hollywood (folk like myself usually pay attention to those in FRONT of the camera), he’s also a fan of Jesus, positive thinking and some other thought provoking ‘stuff’. Recently, I caught up with DeVon and Pastor Toure Roberts (of One Church International in Los Angeles) at the ‘Love is Heroic’ (for anti-human trafficking organization) event, briefly chatting with them about church, finding one’s purpose in life and ultimately, conflict is necessary. Peep a few excerpts.

Jasmine Brand:

What is the biggest challenge attracting non-traditional generation (to church)?

Toure Roberts:
To be honest, it’s very easy. Just let them know you can have an authentic church in Hollywood, an authentic young church. People have these preconceived ideas that its not even possible. So overcoming those stereotypes.
Why is tonight so important?
DeVon Franklin:
Tonight is important because there are young girls, young women right now who don’t have their freedom and we can enjoy being able to walk and go freely and they can’t. So it’s important to raise awareness for those women and start dealing with the issue by giving money to unlikely heroes who are out there on the frontline saving lives as we speak.
Well that was pretty deep. Before I let you go, what question do you get asked most about being spiritual and successful?
DeVon Franklin:
Probably how do you find your purpose and how do you keep believing when everything in life tells you not to. That is the number one question I get asked. In terms of purpose, look at what you do well. When we try to find purpose it’s like a CSI investigation. Some know immediately and others don’t. Don’t be afraid to find real purpose. The other thing is when you’re in a situation and circumstances telling you its not going to happen, you have to not look at circumstances to determine what to do. Look to God to know what He put in your heart and (the) dream He gave is going to come to pass. Like I say in the book, every life is a movie. If you saw a movie and it was bad, it’s because there is no conflict in it. Conflict will bring out of you everything God put in you. That’s what I try to help people through. It’s only a moment. Breathe.
(It) Feels like longer than a moment though.
DeVon Franklin:
But it’s not. Because you come through serious situations, you come through difficulties and you can remember things you came through that you didn’t think you were going to. So even in a difficult moment now, relax. Be calm. It will pass, I promise you that.
Watch the full interview below.