[Video] Mister Cee Admits He Loves Prostitutes, But Is Not Gay

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Over the weekend, popular radio DJ Mister Cee’s (Calvin LeBrun) name hit the news again. Reportedly, he was arrested in Brooklyn for allegedly trying to solicit a prostitute, that happened to be working undercover. There are conflicting reports whether or not the undercover prostitute was a man or a woman. Nonetheless, this is not Mister Cee’s first incident soliciting prostitutes. According to All Hip Hop, in 2011, the 46-year-old was allegedly caught receiving oral sex from a 20-year-old man in a car.

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He pled guilty to loitering for the purpose of engaging in prostitution. Fast forward to the present day, early Monday morning, Cee visited Hot 97’s morning show to address the rumors about what occurred this weekend. In short, Cee told listeners that he isn’t gay, but is use to the rumors that have followed him for years:

I am not gay.  I don’t really care what people think. I really don’t. People have accused me of behing gay, for probably ten years now.

He continued:

I kinda mentioned this earlier, I embrace the gay community. I do a lot for the gay community. I have very close people in my family that are gay and support them. So, I don’t know maybe it’s that. I don’t know what it could come from. I’m not gonna sit here and really care or be concerned.

The veteran also clarifies what his real issue is.

I have an addiction not only to prostitution, I have an addiction to get a quickie.

He also announced that he has suspended himself from the radio. Check out a quick clip from Hot 97, before the interview.

Check back later for the full interview.

And here’s Mr. Cee’s public service announcement about safe sex.