Twitter Roast Overload: Erykah Badu & Critic Hurl Profanity & Insults: ‘Calm Your Fake, Righteous A** Down!’

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While you were sleeping, cup cakin’ or at happy hour sipping your life away, some of us with no life, we’re enjoying pure Twitter entertainment, compliments of a celebrity and a young lady on twitter. Usually these types of arguments start off slow, speeding at a rapid pace, but thanks to two quick witted and fast typing women, we witnessed non-stop shots back and forth. Equally. So how did it get started? From what we can see, someone tweeted that they were attending a Erykah Badu show. A young woman with the twitter handle @HoldenSaysWha sarcastically responded that Miss Badu is emphasis for showing up UBER late to shows.

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The thing is, when she made the remark, she @’ed Badu and that’s when the beef took off. Check it out below.

The woman arguing with Badu tweeted:

did i hit a nerve? lol. Calm ur fat, fake righteous *ss down “Fat belly bella” … Lol Erykah “I have 20 baby daddies” Badu.. trynna punk me on twitter…b*tch please…@fatbellybella … Im Somali B*tch…We have long Necks #Nerfetitineck @fatbellybella … Fake conscious *ss….70 baby daddy having *ss, no talent having *ss, …@fatbellybella …so …so what b*tch,,,,i called u out and now u mad..get out my mentions fat belly bella…tend to ur a mom.@fatbellybella … Lol ….You have no idea how to insult me…get off my looks Erykah im East African..Im immuned to ugly insults .. @fatbellybella … Done what fake conscious b*tch…come at me….you AND UR 80 baby daddies INDUSTRY HO @fatbellybella…why lie to the young ones be ho on the down low and act righteous for the world 2 c….how do u live with yo fake *ss? @fatbellybella …hell this is making my boring ass nite..Ur the big time celebrity with everything 2 [email protected] think b4 u tweet..Also answer me…No Erykah….the ugly is seepin thru you. Always has. This lame twitter beef with me is proof enough… @fatbellybella :)

And Badu responded:

sit yo window seat head *ss down. @HoldenSaysWha long neck *ss. … ol lolly pop head *ss … head look like somebody been suckin on it . Ol bee bee head *ss….ol large nostril having *ss .. Suckin up all the air and sh*t . Sit down . don’t try to run now .. Ol 123 waaaayback head *ss….you worried bout the wrong thing girl. U need to concentrate on how u gone get that shirt off over yo head….okay okay u are right . I will walk away in shame. Your head is fine.wobble d wobble d wob head *ss …first thing im going to need from you is this : write me a paragraph and underline the noun once and the verb twice. …

Badu continued:

Lol sorry y’all . This is what happens when BULLY’s get drug….What if I don’t want to ignore the insult ? What if I wanna drag her ? It Tickles me. Jeeeez, I’m sorry . Nobodies perfik. thought it was okay 2insult someone u don’t know? How does it feel 2you? U like people saying mean things bout U? Bully.

I’m not sure whose side you’re on, but on the low, my feelings got kinda hurt since I have a long giraffe neck and all LOL. Kidding. Sorta. Anywho, what are your thoughts–did Erykah Badu take it too far with the insults or was that a natural reaction since insults were being thrown her way?