Skinny Girls Aren’t The Only Ones Who Can Rock A Bikini! Introducing ‘Fatkini’ For Women With Curves

Whether you’re big, small, in between, fluffy, or a ‘smedium’, for a woman, wearing a swim suit can be VERY tricky. Even harder? Wearing a bikini. As women, we see things that nobody else even pays attention to most times and if you’re thick and full figured, it’s even trickier to find something that’s fly and fits … until now. The good folks at ‘Swimsuits for All’ have launched ‘Fatkini’. A swimwear  line  designed for plus-size women sizes 10 through 24, ranging in price from $49 to $99.


The line of swimwear gives curvy women five pieces of sylish and attractive swimsuits to choose from- a one-piece, three bikinis, and one cover-up. ‘Fatkini’ is fun and fresh coming in eye popping, neon colors and graphic prints, including the popular galaxy-print design, selling out in two days. Plus-size blogger and creator of ‘Fatkini’, Gabi Gregg (AKA Gabi Fresh) wants to push and inspire others to take risk and have fun with clothing regardless of size. Peep the excerpts.

Why she designed the swim line:

I really wanted to design bikinis that were stylish, young and fresh. I think a lot of the swimwear on the market right now for plus sizes is just kind of frumpy and matronly and a lot of it is designed to cover us up. “


How the bikini gave readers confidence they’ve never had:

From my readers, them seeing me in a bikini has really pushed them to try it out because they’ve said, ‘I’ve never done this or I haven’t worn a bikini in ten years, but thank you so much. I finally have the confidence now that I see how great you look.”

Gabi hopes to design a full ready-to-wear line for plus-size women. The former MTV Twitter jockey, is also columnist for Instyle Magazine.

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Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta