Oprah Apologizes For Insensitive, Tweets Moments After Zimmerman Verdict + Jada Pinkett Smith Says She’s Disgusted

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Oprah Winfrey caught some heat for some recent non-proper twitter etiquette. As we know, Saturday night, news hit that jurors found George Zimmerman not guilty of second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. A ton of folk hopped on twitter and other social media outlets, expressing their opinion on the verdict. And while some were venting and cheering on the news, Oprah was promoting one of her show’s on the network, which apparently pissed some of her twitter followers up. But according to Oprah, it’s not that she’s insensitive, it’s just that she was clueless because she was outside of the country. Peep the awkward exchange below.

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And in other Zimmerman news, celebs that disagree with the verdict continue to speak out.

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Actress Jada Pinkett Smith, posted the following message on her Facebook page:

No justice for Trayvon. Our criminal system freed a man who murdered a defenseless child? I’m disgusted. I hope this outcome illuminates the desperate need to educate ourselves and our children with new ways of existing together so that it is IMPOSSIBLE to be dominated by thieves in ANY way. My deepest condolences to the Martin family and every other family who have lost loved ones to violence of this kind and received no justice.

And on a political level, President Barack Obama has responded, saying the death of Trayvon Martin was a tragedy for America. In a statement released Sunday, Obama is asking that all Americans respect the call for calm reflection. There have been a number of rallies and protests across the country, most of which have been reportedly peaceful. The president says Americans should ask themselves if they’re doing all they can to stem gun violence, and what can be done to prevent future tragedies like the Florida shooting. [Associated Press, Twitter]