Jalen Rose Addresses Rumors That Stephen A. Smith Played A Role In His Divorce From Molly Qerim: It Was Laughable To Me

Jalen Rose, Stephen A. Smith, Molly Qerim

Jalen Rose Addresses Rumors That Stephen A. Smith Played A Role In His Divorce From Molly Qerim: It Was Laughable To Me

Jalen Rose is seemingly unbothered by rumors that his ex-wife moved on to Stephen A. Smith.

As previously reported, last year Jalen Rose, 49, and ESPN journalist Molly Qerim, 38, divorced after only a few years of marriage. Following their separation, rumors surfaced that Molly Qerim’s alleged relationship with fellow ESPN journalist Stephen A. Smith, 54, was the reason the marriage didn’t work out.

Stephen A. Smith

During a recent interview, Jalen Rose addressed critics who had a lot to say about what caused his relationship with Molly Qerim to come to an end. The former professional basketball player turned sports analyst also touched on the rumors surrounding his ex-wife’s dating life. He said,

“In my personal relationship, it was laughable to me, to see [Molly Querim] and I mutually part ways, be in accord about why we’re parting ways, and still see people speculating on why.”

He continued,

“Not only speculating—in particular saying it was because her and Stephen A. Smith had a relationship. And…And, like, unequivocally, I’m not here to speak for what he does in his personal life or what she does in her personal life, I got love for both of them.”

He added,

“We still 100. I would just say that for people who thought we parted ways because they have a relationship? Then I got some swampland in Detroit to sell you for top dollar. That is not why we split.”

Molly Qerim

He then explained that even if the pair are dating, their relationship didn’t play into his divorce from Molly Qerim. He continued,

“I work with [Stephen A. Smith], I got love for him, and that’s my brother. I got love for her, we were friends before we were married, we just didn’t work as a couple.”

He added,

“I just saw her today. We cool! But for me to see the speculation and for people to assume that was why, it bothered me.”

Jalen Rose also revealed why he and Molly Qerim remained tightlipped as rumors about their marriage surfaced.

“We discussed it. It’s why none of us said anything. People would say, ‘Jalen’s a sucker, Stephen A. snatched his wife and he up there workin’ with him,’ or ‘Look, at Molly, she was talkin’ to Jalen yesterday now she kickin it with…’ That ain’t happen.”

Jalen Rose

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel