Orlando Brown’s Friends Stage Intervention With Dr. Phil

Orlando Brown’s Friends Stage an Intervention With Dr. Phil

Former “That’s So Raven” star, Orlando Brown, is being confronted with a seemingly much-needed intervention with television life coach, Dr. Phil McGraw. It has been evident that Orlando has been dealing with a crisis for the past couple of years. Footage surfaces every few months of the child star being kicked out of homes, wandering the streets, and being arrested for disturbances and drug findings. He also left a rehab facility this past October. But among the most notable of Orlando Brown’s strange behavior has been his massive tattoo of his former co-star, Raven Symone, on his neck.

An unnamed friend of Orlando recently staged an intervention with Dr. Phil on his behalf. In the trailer for the episode, the friend explains his strange and dangerous behavior with Dr. Phil, insisting that he wants to be helped. The friend said:

“I called in because Orlando – he has mental problems.”

He gave an example of the eccentric things Orlando says:

“Out of nowhere, he’ll say, ‘Michael Jackson is my father! I own Neverland!'”

Lastly, the unnamed friend pleaded with Dr. Phil to help Orlando:

“He’s burned so many bridges, no one wants to deal with him. If you can’t help, he does not have a chance.”

Footage has surfaced of the actor sitting down with Dr. Phil wearing strangely-positioned snake-eye contacts.


We’re keeping Orlando Brown and his friends and family in our thoughts and prayers. His “Dr. Phil Show” episode is set to air tomorrow, December 20th.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay