[VIDEO] Adrienne Bailon Tells The Truth About Break-Up to Rob Kardashian: I Created A Fake Boyfriend

adrienne bailon-talks rob kardashian breakup-on the real-the jasmine brand

It’s actually old news, but some of us (*raises hand*) are still intrigued by Adrienne Bailon’s ex-boo thang, Rob Kardashian. If you’re a fan of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s’, you witnessed part of their break-up (in short, Rob cheated). And if you’re a fan of Adrienne’s reality show, ‘Empire Girls’, you’ll recall that she surgically removed Rob’s name, which was tattooed on her booty (yeah, not so bright move!). Anywho, there’s more to the story of their old news break up.

adrienne bailon-talks break up with rob kardashian-on the real-the jasmine brand

This week, on The Real, Adrienne finally gave viewers the ENTIRE story about how they actually ended–and it actually includes her creating a ‘fake boyfriend’. The 29-year-old shared:

America saw one of my break ups pan out on television, but you didn’t see how it really went down….When Rob and I broke up, we pretty much were like, we’re not going to talk about it. It was private, we’re gonna keep it to ourselves. All good. And I think people would think because I was cheated on, I’d go out and be like, ‘He cheated on me!’ but I didn’t wanna do it that way because honestly I was embarrassed…Well, girl, I don’t know if you saw the episode. It’s played enough times on Twitter supposedly…He read an email from me out loud on the show…The email was that he had been calling me nonstop to get back with me and at this point, this was my break up letter. Now, what y’all thought was that it was written from my boyfriend. It was not written from my boyfriend. It was written by me and my girls sitting on the sofa one day thinking to ourselves, well how do we stop him from calling me? And we thought to ourselves the only way to make this guy stop calling me is to make him think I have someone new. If he thinks I have a new man and this new man is writing a letter. ‘I need you to stay out of our lives. We’ve moved on.’ He’d get the point like move on! That’s what we did. He put it on TV. I ended the letter with ‘One dog’ so people were like, ‘Hold up! And the new boyfriend’s black!’…And I felt so bad because at the time there were so many rumors I was dating Fabulous they actually pinned it on him.

Peep the clip.

So what’s Adrienne’s love life like these days? She’s moved on (obviously) and is in a relationship. We’re doing some digging to ID her new boo, so stay tuned!