Oprah Explains How It Felt To Twerk In ‘The Bulter’ + Steamy Love Scene With Terrence Howard

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The cast of ‘The Butler‘ is in full promo mode, promoting the film across the country. BlogXilla of Global Grind, recently chatted with Oprah Winfrey, who plays the wife of Forest Whitaker, in the film. Check out a few excerpts of the interview.

How it felt to smoke, drink and twerk for her role in the film:

It felt pretty good actually because you know,

what is says to me is there was a whole generation of those women, who their lives had to be put in a box and they weren’t allowed to go outside that box so her in the jumpsuit dancing to Soul Train, that’s about as far as she could go. To be able to uh be who i am and you to be who you are and to understand because of that generation you get to sit in that chair, I get to sit in this chair.

If she wears two masks, one in the public and one in private:
Uh, I don’t do that so I can only speak to that from the point of view, when I was growing up there was a poem by Paul Lawrence Dunbar, ‘We Wear The Mask’….because of the generation before me. I have had the great fortune of not having to wear the mask. I never wear the mask. I actually get paid to be myself.
If she was disappointed that her love scene with Terrence Howard was cut down:
Well, I felt really great about it. I insisted to Lee, it’s a Gloria thing. The woman of that area, whose main job was raising her family….she might tip her toes in the water, but she is not going to be laying up in the bed in her bra and panties in the middle of the day. And I insisted on it. For the characters sake, though couldn’t do it. I would have LOVED to been rolling in the sheets with Terrence, I would’ve like to give that a try one afternoon.
Check out the full interview below.