Ear Hustlin’: DJ Traci Steele Joins ‘Atlanta Exes’ + Did Tameka Raymond Quit Show?

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There’s a new cast member joining VH1’s Atlanta Exes. Earlier this year, we shared that the new show, which is a spin-off of Hollywood Exes, featured cast members Monyetta Shaw (ex-fiancee of Ne-Yo), Tameka RaymondChristina Johnson (Cee-Lo‘s ex), Sheree Buchanan (ex-wife of football star Ray Buchanan), and Torrei Hart (ex-wife of comedian Kevin Hart). It appears that there’s been an interesting addition to the show. DJ Traci Steele announced she too was a cast member and had already began filming.

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Sharing the photo above, she announced on Twitter: 

Back on #VH1. Filmed today and the scene was epic! #Vh1life follow my boo @torrei_hart

If her name sounds familiar, it’s because she spent one season on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (LHHA).


On LHHA, her storyline revolved around the conflicting relationship with her child’s father, DJ Babey Drew. After only one season, Traci was not asked to return. While no particular reason was given by the network, the popular DJ personality suggested that she nor Drew were not ‘turnt up‘ enough. She explained in an interview:

I might do some appearances, show my face or DJ or something like that, but as far being a cast member, no. I didn’t chose. Apparently me and Drew weren’t as turned up I guess as the rest of the cast members. We had some sanity. We were a little more relaxed more grounded. A lot of people came to me and said ‘you have the most class out of everybody else’ well class don’t cut it on Love and Hip Hop.

Now, here’s where things get a little tricky. Rumor has it, there was some verbal spat between Traci and Tameka Raymond. According to Straight From the A, the two bumped head over the weekend, at an event hosted by Tameka, in honor of her late son. The site reports:

The Atlanta DJ has been hanging out with Torrei Hart on the set of ‘Atlanta Exes’ and it seems that Hart and Raymond haven’t ‘bonded’ as expected. Steele (who knows Raymond) decided to be the ‘glue’ that could possibly hold the two ‘reality show’ newbies together. Steele’s idea was a complete FAIL, especially considering that she brought the drama to an event that was being held to honor Tameka’s deceased son! With camera’s rolling, Steele immediately ‘Turned UP’ for the show and acted out at the event in front of several surprised customers. From what I’ve heard, Traci came into the store yelling and screaming at Tameka asking why she didn’t like Torrei and blah blah blah. Tameka could be heard stating, ‘this isn’t the place for this’ and Traci continued to press the issue. Tameka was apparently upset that the women would go so far as to bring the drama to something that was being held to honor her son and I’ve HEARD that Raymond submitted her resignation shortly after Traci showed up and showed out.

Yikes. While there has been no hint of Tameka quitting, Traci posted the following message on Instagram, writing to Torrei: 

@torreihart WHY are they stalking my page??? You always going to be mad at what you see. @vh1 I’m making cast members quit ???????????? #beast #everybodyaintcutoutforthis #entertainment


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Tameka has yet to respond, however Friday night (the night before the alleged incident), we did catch her filming with both Torrie and Christina . What are your thoughts on Traci Steele joining the cast? And if the rumors about Tameka quitting the show are true, can the show survive without her? 

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