[WATCH] ‘Basketball Wives’ Super Trailer Released + Will Tami Roman & Shaunie O’Neal Come to Blows?

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Yes! If you’re a fan of reality TV and the Basketball Wives franchise, you’ll be HIGHLY entertained with season 5. Four women have returned (Shaunie O’Neal, Tami Roman, Suzie Ketchum and Evelyn Lozada) in addition to the new chica, Tasha Marbury. 

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Now I’ll be honest, for some strange reason I thought that since some of the cast members had made comments in the press about this season being filled with less drama and more of a balanced view of their lives, I was expecting a bit of a yawn-fest.

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Clearly I was wrong. For starters, while Evelyn is jumping off of tables this season, there appears to be conflict between Suzie and Tasha (blows aren’t thrown, but I did peep a push). Not to mention, Tami and Shaunie seem to be butting heads (which isn’t a surprise), with another interesting confrontation at dinner. This season, there are also lots of tears, as cast members Evelyn and Shaunie experience real-life issues. Watch the trailer and chime-in on if you’ll be watching this season.

P.S. Who do you predict to be your favorite this season?