[WATCH] Wendy Williams Talks Jesus: ‘No, I don’t go to church…but I worked that out with the Lord.’

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Just because she’s a highly opinionated talk show host, gossiping and reporting rumors on our favorite celebs, on all things secular, doesn’t mean she’s not spiritual. And it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know and love her some Jesus. How do we know? Because earlier this year, the 49-year-old New Jersey native recently visited BET’s ‘Lift Every Voice’, sharing a side that viewers of the Wendy Williams Show, rarely sees.

On viewers never really see the family side of who she is: 
I talk it, but you don’t see it and you will probably never get a chance to see that. That’s secret, that’s my time. I give so much of myself on the talk show, and I given so much of myself in the past with my radio show, I’ve been honest about so many things, that other people would wilt and die rather than share. My husband came into my life 17 years ago, we’ve been married for 14 years. He came into my life as the wind beneath my wings. He is the real deal, he is my manager, my partner, but he does not care about the shine. When this show first started, it was like pulling teeth to get him to participate in a get to know Wendy feature in People Magazine. And it was like pulling my teeth for me to want my son to be involved in that piece. My son was born into this and he (didn’t) ask for it. He is just as a kid with a mom who happens to have a TV show and that’s how we like to play that. I like to protect him and what he does and I have to watch I say and I what I share on hot topics in regard to my family.The only thing you know about me as a family woman is what I tell you, but what I tell you is sweet enough. That’s very personal. I’ve shared everything. I’ve shared miscarriages, I’ve shared drug addiction but I do it all methodically and I methodically pick and choose not what to share. That family thing is everything.
On how difficult her pregnancy was: 
Well, he actually answers it three times before our son. I’ve had two five month miscarriages, which is one of the most painful things to go through in life. Turns out I had a weak cervix, so I (had) two five month miscarriages–devastating. At five months, every mother has already named the child. With Kevin I got a cerclage. A cerclage was a big stitch to hold my uterus closed and I stayed on bed rest. So I did my radio show from home, to take my mind off of it. I had the contraption monitor in our bedroom. My husband would leave me a cooler full of food. I gained a 103 pounds, I was a nervous wreck but I brought this boy into this world. Pushed him right out, after an epidural. And I didn’t want (to) let go of him. I held so tight that I had cramps in my arms. 11 years later here we are. I wish that I could’ve had another one and did the twins thing. I never had a problem getting pregnant, I had a problem keeping the child. I have one son here and two daughters in the cross roads.
On her crying during the interview: 
I’m a very emotional woman. I’m not a screamer. Getting my emotions out is crying but never mistake my cries for weakness. I didn’t get this far for being stupid or weak.
On her relationship with God: 
I was raised going to Second Baptist Church in Asbury Park. No, I don’t go to church now with my own family but I worked that out with the Lord. He understands that I don’t have to appear in church to be close to him, we have our own relationship. I am Mrs. Hunter. I am Kevin’s mother and I am Kevin’s wife and I will fight to the death for my family. I like being married and I also like having a career and a family. I wouldn’t be happy without my family but guess what I wouldn’t be happy without my career. I couldn’t be a housewife, with all due respect. I’m not that girl tough as nails who can go home at the end of the day and I don’t care how fabulous my job is or how much money I make and I don’t care how fabulous my home would be, I would not be happy without a husband and children. Girlfriends just don’t do it for me that way.
On what was that moment in your life, where she said, ‘ I need my family and I need the lord too. I need both in my life: 
I never didn’t believe in god or jesus, so I never had to say I need both in order to make it. I never thought of leaving to not have both. I’m not an atheist.

Check out the full interview below.
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