T.I. & Tiny Accused Of Forcing A Woman To Sleep With Nelly In 2014

T.I. & Tiny Are Being Accused Of Forcing A Woman To Sleep With Nelly In 2014

More sexual abuse allegations have recently surfaced against married couple T.I. and Tiny Harris.  According to reports, a woman that is being identified as Jane Doe No. 4, is accusing the pair of forcing her to have sex with rapper Nelly back in 2014. In a video clip that was shared to an Instagram account that aims to help sexual abuse victims speak up, a narrator shared Jane Doe’s claims. According to the video, Jane Doe was hired in 2005 by Tiny Harris, born Tameka Dianne Cottle, to work as her assistant but was allegedly never paid for her work. In addition to not being properly compensated, the audio clip said Jane Doe was also sexually abused during her time working for Tiny.

The narrator of the audio clip shared that the accuser was allegedly forced to swallow ecstasy pills by T.I., born Clifford Harris. Also, that the famous couple made her engage in sexual acts with different women. During the video, the narrator added that Jane Doe was forced to sleep with Nelly against her will. They said,

“In 2014, T.I. and Tiny forced her to have sexual intercourse with rapper Nelly against her will.”

Nelly has yet to respond to the allegations that have recently surfaced against him. However, as previously reported, in 2017 a different unidentified woman accused the ‘Dilemma’ rapper of sexually assaulting her. Nelly denied the allegations against him. The lady went on to sue the rapper and in 2019 the two parties eventually came to terms with a confidential settlement agreement.


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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel